Red Cliff Ranch


Red Cliff Ranch - 2016 Celebration of the Arts
wishes to thank everyone




November seems to spark thoughts about the year past.. It's triumphs large and small as well as challenges and lessons learned.


I have nothing but an overwhelming gratitude for the accomplishment of a life-long dream in 2016... Made possible by the myriad of loving, talented people who came together to create the Celebration Of The Arts at Red Cliff Ranch.


I offer my deepest thanks to friends and partners who consulted with and gave me the courage to create the biggest event of my life. My family and loved ones contributed endless hours of hard work, hospitality and grace. Our artists shared so much of themselves and their craft by creating incredible and generous bodies of work. I was so proud to host such a fine collective of artwork with our guests. Our deeply talented and varied musicians gave heart and soul through their performances as they entertained and inspired the need to celebrate and dance. To our staff who always makes the ranch beautiful and a happy place to be I thank you. And lastly, I thank the 2000 guests who journeyed to the ranch to complete the circle of artistic expression and Celebration of two PERFECT DAYS in July.


To all.. I am humbled and grateful to have welcomed each of you with your big hearts and generosity of spirit into my life.


Most sincerely,
Virginia Martin Whitby


(The Perfect Day video created and produced by Sierra Theobald)